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The ads on the bottom of this page are available as a bonus for people who purchase a minimum of 4 Member 2 Member Adpacks to advertise their businesses. Alternatively, you can scroll down the page and make a direct purchase for $24.00 by making a payment using the 'Pay with CryptoCurrency' button. Qualifying individuals receive unlimited exposure of their opportunities on this page for 90 days.

Our Portfolio

The top performing opportunities in our active portfolio are being shown below. These can and do change, so please checkback often.
Click on any of the images showing to check them out for yourself. A percentage of the commissions earned from these opportunities allows us to fund our
Activity Shares which in turn allows us to give away PeopleCoins for FREE!

Secure Future International (SFI)
FutureNet (FN)
Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO)

The Income Stream Re-distribution Of Wealth Plan

Via Our Cash Capture Funnel System

All net income received from our network is divided across the following budget areas
(The amounts shown in brackets are examples of dollar amounts allocated based on a USD sum of 12.50)

  • 20% - Admin ($2.50) - The percentage allocated to admin.
  • 30% - TB Co-op's ($3.75) includes PSA Purchases and/or traffic to our gateways
  • 10% - Activity Share Pool ($1.25)
  • 10% - Purchase Point Prize Pool ($1.25)
  • 8% - Purchase Points ($1.00)
  • 18% - Project Fund ($2.25) (8% - Project Funding ($1.00) & 10% - Project Fund Accelerator ($1.25))
  • 4% Matrix Bonus & Custom Software ($0.50)

  • Secure Future International (SFI)
    FutureNet (FN)
    Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO)

    Primary destinations in our network include

  • The People Coin First Mover Advantage
  • The Mining Site
  • SFI Online Training
  • Purchase Points (PP's)
  • Unpenthexium Units (Uunits's)
  • Secure Future International Executive Affiliate (EA) Assistance
  • Free Crowd Funding aka The Project Fund
  • Free Crypto Pages

  • Secure Future International (SFI)
    FutureNet (FN)
    Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO)

    Purchase Point Fast Track Offers

    Although there are various ways to 'earn' Purchase Points the quickest way would be to buy a Keep It Simple Simon (KISS) membership for a one time, $10 fee as we are giving away 468 Unpenthexium Units (Uunits's) with every purchase through our links. (468 Uunits can be exchanged for the 3 Purchase Points you need to 'buy' your way in to Matrix #1.

    Our Sponsored Adverising below also has a fast track offer included.

    As an additional bonus, if you purchase any of our Fast Track Offers, you will also receive an extra $0.25 for every person that joins under every position you ever own in Matrix #1, including the free re-entries!

    Secure Future International (SFI)
    FutureNet (FN)
    Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO)

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    Secure Future International (SFI)
    FutureNet (FN)
    Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO)