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“Promote Your Ads With Our Advertising Offers and earn valuable Purchase Points, which you can keep in order to recover your advertising costs or cash in for a discount on your purchase price!”

Are you interested in advertising with RotateLinks Pro? As well as offering free Rotator services and cash, RotateLinks Pro is also an International Advertising site that uses points based reward systems as incentives including the valuable Purchase Points and is available worldwide.

NOTE: To be elidible for any/all of our Points Systems you must be a free or paid member of RotatorLinks Pro.

Below are the different types of advertising services we provide.

We offer many options and are confident, you will find one to fit your needs.

Text Ad Links

These links are randomly displayed on the left side of the RotateLinks Pro website and you can get your text link ad to show here for a minimum of one month.

Buy a 1 Month Link with 1 free Purchase Point – $7.50

LinkedUp Biz Opp Team Build Advertising

Monthly Subscription – 1 Purchase Point

Annual Subscriptions with Purchase Points are also available.

As an affiliate of our LinkedUp Biz Opp Team Build Advertising you can qualify to earn additional income when you participate in the Big Ticket Sales program.

Keyword Advertising

Bid For Your Own Keyword Starting From Just £2.00

Monthly Co-op Advertising

$15.00 Monthly Co-op includes 2 free valuable Purchase Points.

Become an Affiliate and earn a $5.00 sales commission plus 1 Purchase Point as well for every month your referral is a subscriber, which could earn you an unlimited income!

Network Ad Links


Unlike the Free RotateLinks Pro Member Ads, our Network Ads offer massive banner advertising exposure plus much, much more!

Your $7.50 buys you unlimited advertising impressions of any single business of your choice for three months. Your 125×125 square banner ad will be shown at random on Rotatelinks Pro, Surflinks Pro, Rotatelinks Offers, Trafficlinks Pro, across our members Virtual Real Estate network and on all Rotatelink Pro Classified Sites.

It gets even better….

As well as the banner advertising you will also receive a 16,000+ credit based safelist mailing, a Solo Email to all RotateLinks Pro members and 1 Purchase Point worth $1.00!
Visit the Buy/Setup Advertising within the RotateLinks Pro member area and select Purchase Ad Blaster.

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