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For every Purchase Point issued $0.25 is used to enable us to pay out upto an additional $9.75 to individuals that take a fast track route to owning puchase points via our internal Matrix System. At the moment most tasks required within our Network are performed manually by Admin, but there will come a time… Read More »

Why Stamps?

There has probably never been a better time to invest in stamps. With the mainstream moving heavily towards internet based communications and payment channels, it is our opinion that the value of these physical representations are only going to increase. Traditionally stamps, bank notes and coins have remained very stable and shown consistent, steady growth… Read More »

Unpenthexium Units

To enable us to use the Purchase Point concept with low profit third party providers we have introduced Unpenthexium Units (Uunits). These can be collected and used to exchange for complete Purchase Points. At the time of writing you will need to collect 156 Uunits in order to claim a Purchase Point. Although you can… Read More »


70% from our Crypto Coin acquisition generated is used to fund our free SFI Team Co-op. Currently, the majority is coming from visitor mining at the Useful Knowledge Forum & Classifieds installation. A further 10% of income generated from ANY SOURCE generated by the RotateLinks Pro Network of websites is set aside in order to… Read More »


These are automatically awarded for performing various tasks at RotateLinks Pro, such as clicking text ads, opening solo emails,etc. Unlike income generated from RLP Upgrades or Activity Points, which are subject to payment fees, they can be immediately redeemed for cash to your Paypal account, once verified, with a low minimum payout of just $3.00… Read More »