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70% from our Crypto Coin acquisition generated is used to fund our free SFI Team Co-op. Currently, the majority is coming from visitor mining at the Useful Knowledge Forum & Classifieds installation. A further 10% of income generated from ANY SOURCE generated by the RotateLinks Pro Network of websites is set aside in order to build a fund that can be used to purchase dedicated mining computers that can generate Crypto Coin without the need of visitors and the mining pools we are currently using.

“This is extremely powerful – the unused computing power of your personal computer being used to mine Crypto Coins the procceds of which are used to purchase Personally Sponsored Affiliates for our active SFI Team which in turn provides the funding for Activity Point and Purchase Point shares – Genius!”

You can support the above initiative by allowing us to use the spare capicity of your processor for calculations whilst you are on this page. This will not harm your computer in any way as the calculations are executed securely in your browsers sandbox. You don’t need to install anything, just click START MINING if you are willing to help. You can stop at any time by clicking the pause icon.

NOTE: If you are on a mobile device this may drain your battery.


Perhaps you were not aware that it is possible for you to get your own free Crypto Coins. Well, not only is it possible, it is surprisingly easy to build your own portfolio of Crypto Coins with no up-front investment at all.

You don’t have to worry about the currency exchange rate either, as if you get them for free, any Crypto Coins are better than none. You simply need to learn the best way to get them for free and then repeat daily.

We are definately not adverse to acquiring Crypto Coins from these methods. To get your own Free Crypto Coins you can either search online for places that purport to give them away for free, signup for FaucetHub who list 100’s of faucets or use those shown below, which are our personal favorites that we use on a regular basis and have in the past paid us.

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Litecoin

Moon Dash

Bit Fun

Bonus Bitcoin

CoinPot – Is a cryptocurrency microwallet that automaticaly updates payments from all of the faucets listed above. An added advantage is that you can interchange BitCoins, DogeCoins and LiteCoins depending on your preference.

We use Bitcoin Wallet to collect from

Free Bitcoin

Free Ethereum

Free Monero – This is definately my fav alt-coin and is more akin to cash than anything else. As you can see from the above I am happy to accept free coins from anywhere.

Read more about MONTERO.

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