Project Fund

The Purchase Point/Project Fund Budgets operate using 16% of the Cash Capture Funnel System and it requires $2.00 or multiples thereof to create a Purchase Point and associated benefits.

As already stated elsewhere 50% is used to provide the basis of every Purchase Point ($1.00) issued.

The other 50% is added to the Project Fund (This is $1.00 that may have an appreciatable return in the future and will be used to assist with funding businesses that offer Rewardicals via the Localvantia program from the Zing Network, effectively providing funding from the people, for the people!

We are in the Technology Age, which I support wholeheartedly, but we are paying a massive price and I believe most proponents of these advances are completely overlooking what we are loosing.

So what are we loosing? – Jobs at an alarming rate is the first thing that comes to mind. Forget all the employment figures that you see, when I was in my 20’s (30+ years ago) we had the same figures, but they were based on just one person having to work in any partnership. In my simple mind this can only mean that skilled jobs, which pay better, have massively declined to be replaced by unskilled and part-time employment instead. That is the only way that todays employment figures can be what they are.

The sense of local community – many will say that I’m racist at this point, but do you even know your next door neighbours name? You could already be talking to them regularly, but you only know them as “” or “” or similar. Alternatively, you could just as easily be talking to a complete liar based on the other side of the world.

High Street Shops – The family owned business that supported several people and provided many a happy life have all but dissappeared from our high streets, only to be replaced by overpriced coffee shops, fast food outlets, charity shops or corporate chains. (That’s if you still have local shops, many thousands have been converted to residential, due to the massive purchase and running costs of bricks and mortar establishments.)

Given my background of owning and operating these types of shops for most of my adult life, I find it heartbreaking to drive down a street, where every 2nd or 3rd shop has a for sale or lease sign above it. Something has to change and it has to change soon or this way of life will be lost forever to be replaced by the delivery vehicle, perhaps even a driverless one if google is successful. (Even more jobs gone!)

We need to bring these shops back. Outside of the main operating costs of running any business (labour and utilities) the one cost that causes these shops to shut is the cost of the building, which cripples any fledging business by removing income and giving it to banks on demand, long before the business has a hope of becoming profitable. What if instead of banks owning the building via a mortgage, we owned it in return for a 50% share in the profits? In my world this is exactly what would happen and with your help this could be part of your world too. If a business was given this window to enable them to become profitable and subsequently failed, the money wouldn’t be lost as it was always going to be secured against property, which has always gone up in value over time. Even if the property market crashes, as no money will be owed to anybody else, we can ride out the losses and go back to earning profits again when times are better.

This would be a monster earner. Imagine sharing in the profit of numerous businesses without having to do anything. Multiple Streams of Passive Income for FREE and if you bought from the business you would get a point of sale discount plus Rewardicals as an additional benefit!

All you need is a single Purchase Point and you begin to stockpile Project Fund Shares. Currently, we are offering Project Shares without Purchase Points as a bonus if you take us up on our offer to advertise the KISS opportunity on your behalf.

Once our first project is funded and starts earning cash so do YOU!! Details regarding our first attempt at achieving this lofty goal can be found HERE. If you read the information posted there you will find that, even in my perfect world, I have included links to crowd funding sites and suggested that I will use traditional funding sources to get this project started.

There is an exception to this rule and an additional 10% of our net income is used to achieve this exception. If you sponsor an advertising package to appear on our Wealth Re-distribution Page a.k.a The Cash Capture Funnel System using one of our preferred crypto coins you will also receive 5 shares in our Project Fund Accelerator, each of which pays out $5.00 as and when funds allow us to do so.)

When profits are received from Profit Fund aquisitions, 50% is distributed throughout the Network as per the Cash Capture Funnel System and 50% is divided between Project Fund share holders on a pro-rata basis.

Once you have accumulated the mandatory 3 Purchase Points, you can, if you wish to do so, exchange any further Purchase Point for a further Project Fund Share on a one-to-one basis. (Project Fund Accelerator is not included with these Project Fund Shares and is exclusively available to Advertising Sponsors Only.)