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Purchase Points

aka “Proof Of Stake”

Purchase Points form part of a free incentive program from RotateLinks Pro that awards you with Free Prize Draw (FPD) numbers for buying goods or services from both our own and from third party websites (You earn one Unpenthexium Units (UU) for every USD spent.Every 156 UU’s you collect can be exchanged for one additional FPD’s. FPD’s can win you unlimited Purchase Points with a fixed value of $1.00)

You can also receive free FPD’s for successfully completing tasks at the RLP Activity Point Offers Website.

The number of Purchase Points available to be won each month is subject to the amount of profit we receive from any successful transaction.

You can claim any Purchase Points you win, upto the maximum you actually win, in cash. You cannot redeem Purchase Points for cash unless you hold an equivalent amount of FPD’s as you will lose 1 FPD for every Purchase Point redeemed.(Requests for cash redemption is made via RotateLinks Pro and is treated in the same way as are Paid To Clicks payments – You will need a minimum of $3 before payment will be made to your Paypal account, which can be made up from PTC income and Purchase Points, provided notification is received within the same request – For example: 2 Purchases Points + 2000 PTC Points = $3.00), used to purchase goods or services from the RLP Shop. If you have more Purchase Points than FPD’s, you can still use them to buy from the RLP shop or hold them until such time as you have acquired more FPD’s.

Our primary objective is to give everybody involved the opportunity to win themselves a ‘LIFE CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY’. Each FPD issued is always unique and there is no limit placed on the amount of Purchase Points you can win with the FPD’s you have been allocated, the only limits being based on the number of individuals who support the system.

Obviously, a ‘LIFE CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY’ will be completely different for each individual depending on various factors including where you live, what you currently earn, what you dream of owning, etc. To help us understand what a ‘LIFE CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY’ means to different people we have added two polls. They will only take you a few seconds to complete, so if you have the time, please do help us.

Even if your objective isn’t to try and win yourself a ‘LIFE CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY’  don’t forget you can use Purchase Points to buy physical products from the RLP shop or redeem them for ca$h at any time.

The choice of what you do with your Purchase Points is completely up to you.




FPD numbers used to win Purchase Points are based on Secure Future International (SFI) ID’s. Anybody can claim their first FPD number for free provided they join RotateLinks Pro & SFI. This number can never be used to redeem a Purchase Point for cash.

Your unique FPD numbers are actually the 8 digits of your SFI ID prefixed by a number.

Any SFI member can enter, provided they enter their SFI ID in the downline builder at RotateLinks Pro and notified us that this has been done from within the member area in order to receive their initial FPD number and be automatically entered every month.

If you accumulate sufficient Unpenthexium Units to exchange for a FPD number, you can transfer them HERE.

Winning numbers are posted within the RotateLinks Pro member area and if yours is selected you will have 7 days in which to claim it, before it is returned to the prize pool for the next draw.

If your number is drawn and you have not notified us that you have registered at RotateLinks Pro, even if you are part of our downline, then the prize will also be returned to the prize pool for the next draw.

If you do not have an SFI ID you can join via our Rotator POOL.

The Purchase Point Prizes are determined by any increase in a matched asset pool, which may contain gold, silver, land, shares, property, etc. As Purchase Points issued are 100% liquid, our matched asset pool will always be calculated based on the amount paid for assets and not their actual value, thereby ensuring a MarketCap on the number issued, regardless of underlying performance of any assets purchased.

There are two sources of funding types used in the calculations regarding the amount added to the Asset Pool. The first is equal to 35% of the nett income received by RotateLinks Pro, after paying out commissions, fees to third party providers, etc.

The second source is from real income received by RotateLinks Pro from purchased assets, which is used as shown below. You will be given the option to use your Purchase Points as development capital in active projects that require funding by this Asset Pool in return for a percentage of any profits generated whenever opportunities to do so become available.

32.5% of any increase in the Asset Pool above and beyond the cash in value of existing Purchase Points is divided up at our discretion into Purchase Point(s) Prizes and are distributed to account holders as determined by a random drawing of unique identification codes.

A matching 32.5% is retained to maintain the 1:1 ratio of Purchase Points to Asset Pool purchase value with the remaining 35% being credited to our Cash Pool which is distributed to active RotatorLinks Pro members according to their status and their rotator activity level.

Both of these measures combined ensure that we only ever have increases in the overall MarketCap of Purchases Points issued.

An account will be setup for you when you either claim your first Activity Points or Purchase Point. You will be notified of your login details via the payment email address you entered when you originally joined RotateLinks Pro, so please ensure these details are correct.

All Points are credited to accounts manually once they have been verified and may take upto 7 days to appear in your account.

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