Purchase Points

By | August 6, 2017

aka “Proof Of Stake”


Purchase Points form part of a free incentive program which comes with a free entry in a free Unique Prize Draw (UPD) plus when a purchase point is initially issued it automatically entitles the first owner to receive 1 share in our Project Fund aka Your Free Crowdfunding Access.

You can acquire Purchase Points by exchanging Unpenthexium Units (Uu’s) or from winning them in a prize draw.

UPD’s can win you unlimited Purchase Points with a fixed value of $1.00

The number of prizes available to be won each month is subject to the amount allocated to the Prize Pool Budget via our Cash Capture Funnel.

The first three Purchase Points you aquire cannot be redeemed or moved from your account, regardless of source. (See below for why these are held.)

Any subsequent Purchase Points can be

Transferred to another member in exchange for goods/services offered by that member – the free UPD number will be transferred as well.

Redeemed for DogeCoin$ – if redeemed the free UPD Number will be withdrawn.

Held for potential Prize Draw winnings

The choice of what you do with your Purchase Points is completely up to you.

Our primary objective is to give everybody involved with RTL the opportunity to win and/or build themselves a ‘LIFE CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY’.

Obviously, a ‘LIFE CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY’ will be completely different for each individual depending on various factors including where you live, what you currently earn, what you dream of owning, etc. To help us understand what a ‘LIFE CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY’ means to different people we have added two polls. They will only take you a few seconds to complete, so if you have the time, please do help us.

In theory it could be possible to win yourself a fortune as each UPD issued is always unique and there is no limit placed on the amount of Purchase Points you can win with the UPD’s you have been allocated, the only limits being based on the number of individuals who support the system.

If you don’t think you are the lucky type and, as much as you would love to win yourself a ‘LIFE CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY’, you prefer to build yourself a proper business then your first three Purchase Points will help you.

If you are reading this you are probably already aware that our primary goal is to build a massive network of SFI affiliates. SFI is an innovative 20 year old, debt free multi-level marketing company with multiples ways to earn.

In fact all UPD numbers used to win Purchase Points are based on Secure Future International (SFI) ID’s.

You can get your first Free UPD number just from telling us your SFI ID. You can do that HERE. It has no value other than it gives you a free entry into our Prize Draw each month which you may win a Purchase Point(s).

You can start your own SFI business without ever having to spend a penny of your own money, but you will progress quicker if you can afford to invest at least a small amount each month.

The best investment in your own business you can make is by setting up a 125 TCredit auto delivery for $36.25 every month. This gets you started on the SFI ladder of success as an Executive Affiliate (EA)

Unfortunately, even this small sum is beyond the means of many, especially every month. To offset or even completely remove this cost we have devised a system that can help you.


If you do not have an SFI ID you can join via our Team Rotator POOL.