Unpenthexium Units

By | November 3, 2017

To enable us to use the Purchase Point concept with low profit third party providers we have introduced Unpenthexium Units (Uunits).

These can be collected and used to exchange for complete Purchase Points. At the time of writing you will need to collect 156 Uunits in order to claim a Purchase Point. Although you can see your Uunit balance in your wallet, they have no value whatsoever except in blocks of 156 and are issued and manually exchanged for Purchase Points only. [Because Uunits are used to exchange for Purchase Points that do have a useable cash value the internal value which is set aside for every Uunit issued is $0.016026]

CryptoCoins are a volitile market so in order to maintain stability with our network any DogeCoins that you are owed by us are also converted to Uunits immediately using the US dollar value as determined by Cryptonator.

Uunits are rewarded for successfully completing tasks at the RLP Offers Website.

We are very serious regarding what can be achieved with Uunits and Purchase Points and to help us in this quest, we credit RotateLinks Pro members with 2 Uunits for every USD spent through our links at any site showing HERE.

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